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The most appropriate training delivery strategy considers a number of critical factors in the successful implementation of a training initiative. Skills training requires a comprehensive approach of pre- and post-classroom experiences to be most effective. The Huthwaite Integrated Learning Experience provides the proper support for learners before they attend a training program and afterwards by providing reinforcement. The ultimate goal is to ensure your investment in training is maximized with the adoption of the taught skills and the positive business results that can be realized from a highly skilled, professional sales force.

Delivery Options

Huthwaite offers a variety of programs and can offer training in either a traditional, in-person classroom or a virtual classroom experience. Both options have certain advantages, depending on the needs of the organization. The key driver in choosing the most suitable classroom setting is how the learning experience will increase the likelihood of behavior change from the development initiative. Huthwaite can help your organization decide the most appropriate learning environment for your participants, based on our experience.

Huthwaite's Classroom Experience

Participants in both classroom environments interact with a facilitator and other participants in real time. In-person classroom participants work in table groups, using flipcharts, role play and other tools to maximize reinforcement of learning. The in-class setting allows participants to interactively plan calls and role play under the guidance of a facilitator who prompts discussion and answers questions. Within the virtual classroom environment, participants use breakout rooms and white boards to effectively achieve a similar level of interaction  A facilitator is always available to guide and answer questions, and is equally available to all participants, whether in-person or virtual.

With our extensive experience in offering virtual training, we are confident that whichever classroom experience you choose, your participants will realize the same benefits. We have found no discernable difference in outcomes based on feedback from clients and our own post-training assessment of retention and implementation of newly acquired skills.

Integrated Learning Experience 

Huthwaite’s Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) is a structured, sequential process where each component of the learner’s experience builds upon and supports the preceding one. It combines expert-led, hands-on workshops with on-demand, personalized e-learning. Additional learning tools include online assessments and reinforcement tools wherein skills are introduced, practiced and embedded into the learner’s daily work routine. These activities are further supported by a structured coaching process in addition to personal and group development activities.   

Huthwaite closely adheres to four fundamental truths of behavior change:

  • Organizations don’t make changes easily, nor do they make changes on demand.

  • Adults learn only in the context of what they judge to be important and relevant to them as individuals.

  • Classroom time is expensive and should be reserved for the styles of learning that actually require a classroom.

  • Organizations don’t make changes suddenly.

Program design is iterative, interactive and contextual and characterized by:

  • Learner control: Huthwaite programs promote an environment where faculty treat participants as peers who are accepted and esteemed as intelligent, experienced adults whose opinions are respectfully considered. Participants are valued for their own experiences and creative problem solving skills relevant to their own environment.

  • Learner-centered instruction: Huthwaite facilitators guide the learning experience by keeping the focus on the learner. This approach allows learners to use more of their natural abilities, develop underused skills, and learn effectively with their individual preferences.

  • Customized learning activities: The ability to accelerate learning in a focused environment has been found to double or triple learning rates. Huthwaite’s proven techniques maximize impact and accelerate learning with highly-tailored activities relevant to the learner. 

  • Small group activities: Adult learners are more willing to share experiences and explore solutions in small group settings. All Huthwaite programs are designed in this format to encourage learners to reflect upon and internalize new concepts.

  • Problem solving: Research shows mature learners prefer a problem-centered, rather than a content-centered approach, to learning. Participants in Huthwaite programs are presented with real problems and are given opportunities to interact with other participants to solve these problems in a real-time environment with coaching and guidance from the facilitator.